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Don't we all love fancy bracelets and pretty necklaces?


More than 3 years ago we started our own business with Happycoin statement jewelry. Our focus has always been on  beautiful bracelets and generally personalized jewelry, especially bracelets and chains with amulets.  We have  Looking for special jewelry details for a long time and looking for us on various platforms  looked around until we eventually  have become aware of a page that has really inspired us. The final icing on the cake for our products was found and we started our business.  The implementation from the logo to the producer, material for shapes and sizes, packaging, etc. was carried out. All jewelry should have a direct connection to the name " Happycoin ".  Our products therefore have a round shape like a coin and all carry different messages: from "Happiness" to "Never give up".  All products can be personalized and make the happycoins  thus unique. We now have a lot  large companies that use the Happycoins with their own slogan, company logo, etc. for events as a " give away"  Make use. Almost anything is possible! Prices for larger quantities on request via

Just immerse yourself in the colorful world of Happycoins, which produces stylish bracelets for young and old with a wide variety of sayings and symbols in many colors. The coins are made of poplar wood and acrylic and the straps are made of paracord (parachute rope). They are all made by hand in Germany and provided with two sliding knots to make them adjustable in size. The beautiful engravings turn the bracelets and chains into talismans and lucky charms.

New  there are also sterling silver happycoins !

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