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Care instructions

Product information wood coins and acrylic coins


Care of wooden coins 

We recommend that you do not wear the jewelry when bathing or showering, or when going to the sauna or solarium.

If the wooden jewelry should have become too damp, just stand up and let it air-dry. The same is recommended if the jewelry has become damp from sweating. Furthermore, you should not expose the jewelry to unnecessary pressure, since wood is a natural raw material. Therefore, contact with oils, creams or other cleaning agents is not recommended. Should that happen, rinse the good piece off with clear water and air dry.  

Note:  When wearing the acrylic coins, it is important that they are not worn with other pieces of jewelry that can scratch, as this can lead to scratch marks on the coin.

Care sterling silver

Protect silver from oxidation

Like any silver alloy, it also tends  Sterling silver  to oxidize and tarnish if left unused for a long time. This is not a sign of the poor quality of the metal, but rather happens due to a chemical reaction that is completely normal.  The unattractive black spots develop quickly on the surface, particularly through contact with salty elements such as water or air as well as with sulfur-containing materials such as paper or rubber


  • Sterling silver tends to tarnish if not worn regularly.

  • Keep your jewelry in a container that is as airtight as possible.

  • Wrapping in aluminum foil or a fresh-keeping bag also counteracts tarnishing.

  • Protect your silver from salt water, shower gels, shampoos and cleaning products.

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